Serving Hands of Hope Foundation

Creating opportunities for the children of South Sudan.
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What is SHOHF?

Serving Hands of Hope Foundation strives to create education opportunities for the children of South Sudanese refugees in foreign lands and children without opportunities within South Sudan. This Foundation also helps people who are in need of medical and food assistance in South Sudan and in other places where South Sudanese are residing.
SHOHF Mission Statement


Serving Hands of Hope Foundation endeavors to improve South Sudanese children’s future through educational opportunities and by giving families the tools they need to improve the quality of their life through medical and food assistance.

SHOHF Objectives

Serving Hands of Hope Foundation asks people of good will to help South Sudanese children with money, materials, and prayers. The team collects money and other materials and appropriates them where there are needs in the refugee camps and in South Sudan.

Giving is receiving.

The team seeks help from South Sudanese, South Sudanese friends, individuals, families, and organizations of good will.

Sending resources.

When the resources are in hand, the USA team appropriates them where there is need.

Coordinating efforts.

The team in the USA works with the teams in South Sudan and other areas. The people on the ground identify individuals and/or families who will use our help and they share it or communicate the need with the team in the USA.

Sudanese assessment.

There will be occasional visitations to areas by team member(s) from the USA to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the assistance.

Contact SHOHF

Contact SHOHF:

David Mayen, Chair of the Board

Donations may also be mailed to: 

Dan Friedlund, Treasurer
15533 Hanover Street
Bennington, NE 68007