About Us

Welcome to the Serving Hands of Hope Foundation.


David Y. Mayen (Yak Mayen Mabior), the founder of Serving Hands of Hope Foundation (SHOHF), was born in Sudan. He spent part of his early life in Sudan before he, with his age-mates, were forced out from Sudan to Ethiopia by the second civil war in 1987. After arriving in Ethiopia, they were given the name “Lost Boys of Sudan”, or unaccompanied minors. Mayen, along with other displaced young boys and girls, made up an approximate 27,000 unaccompanied minors. They experienced great challenges and difficulties in foreign lands. This group of unaccompanied minors lived in Ethiopia for 4 years before they proceeded to Kenya. The early group arrived in Kenya in 1992. After eight years in Kenya, some of them relocated to the United States; Mayen was among the first group. He and Bul Deng were the first “Lost Boys” to arrive in Omaha, Nebraska. They became acquainted with Messiah Lutheran Church’s members through Ralston High School. Mayen became acquainted with Saint Michael Lutheran Church as an intern in 2018.

This message is a glance into Mayen and 27,000 unaccompanied minors’ stories. If you like to learn or know the complete story, Mayen is available to relay their story.


SHOHF was founded to help with needs such as food, clean water, medical and education fees for South Sudanese. Mayen, like many other South Sudanese Americans have their relatives, friends, and people they know in South Sudan. These relatives, friends, people they know are suffering in all spheres of life. The condition that forced these minors out in Sudan did not end after leaving Sudan. Struggle continued until the South was separated from the North in 2011; but separation did not stop the suffering. In 2013, fighting broke out among Southerners forcing another group who are now refugees in Uganda. People who managed to stay behind were displaced by floods in 2020. These wars and natural disasters are the reason why Mayen found SHOHF.

Who make it possible

Mayen found SHOHF knowing that his friends, Americans and South Sudanese, will make it possible. SHOHF depends on the work and generosity of the mentioned people. These are the people who make assistance to those in need possible. The work being done by the Board of Directors and donation from people of good will is the only means through which SHOHF manages to help with the mentioned needs.

Board of Directors

They are people of good will from Omaha, Nebraska and it is not limited to people in Omaha volunteering to work as Board of Directors any one can join them. These people have been working hard to help SHOHF succeed. They reach out to people they know, their family members, institutions they are acquainted with to tell them about our existence and they also donate their own resources on top of the time they give to communicate the message.