David Y. Mayen (Yak Mayen Mabior) is the founder of Serving Hands of Hope Foundation (SHOHF). He spent part of his early life in Sudan before he and 27,000 other young children were forced out of Sudan by the second civil war in 1987. After making the long journey on foot to Ethiopia, workers in the refugee camp gave this group of unaccompanied minors the name “Lost Boys of Sudan”.

David and the other children experienced great challenges and difficulties separated from home and family. They spent four years in Ethiopia before walking to Kenya, relying upon the kindness of strangers to stay alive. The first group arrived in Kenya in 1992 and after eight years in the camps there, some had the chance to relocate to the United States.

Then found

David and Bul Deng were the first “Lost Boys” to arrive in Omaha, Nebraska in 2001. They were struggling in a strange, new land when they became acquainted with Messiah Lutheran Church through Ralston High School. Through that community connection, David and his friends were able to make a new start. They began to excel in learning and worked hard to make a new life in the United States.

David went on to marry and start a family. He earned both a Bachelor and a Master of Divinity degree. During his studies at Wartburg Theological Seminary, David was assigned an internship at Saint Michael Lutheran Church in the fall of 2018. It was here that Serving Hands of Hope began to take shape as an official organization designed to provide aid to children and adults in South Sudan who are in the same situation as David once was.

If you like to learn more about the Lost Boys of Sudan, David is available to relay their story. David@shohf.org

Serving Hands of Hope Foundation

This 501(c)(3) charitable foundation was established to help meet the needs of the most vulnerable children and adults living in South Sudan. Since its initial founding, it has grown to attract several prominent members of the Omaha community to the board of directors and has been recognized by the Nebraska Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as a “Mission Field Nebraska” ministry.  This designation ensures a member of the board serves as a liaison to the bishop’s office and connects both the Dinka and Nuer speaking communities in Omaha to the relief efforts in South Sudan.

The Foundation raises funds to supply targeted and swift relief to areas often overlooked by larger relief organizations. By leveraging their contacts with people in South Sudan, the group is able to not only identify needs but do follow up work in coordination with other aid groups.

We invite you to join this grass roots effort to be those strangers who are able to offer help and hope to lost children along the way.  Click this link to donate now or email getinvolved@shohf.org for more information.