What we do

Here are some of the needs we address for those in need in South Sudan.


After displacement, people moved to some high areas where there is no clean water if they have water at all. SHOHF strives to dig walls or boreholes in these areas.


As you can imagine, there are no hospitals and/or clinics in these areas, no means of transportation to closer clinics in the country, and no money to see a doctor even if they can find ways and means to the clinic. SHOHF strives to help within its capacity with doctors’ feed, transportation fees, and medicine bills.


SHOHF helps with other things that give meaning to people’s lives. SHOHF helps with plastic sheets they use as the roofs for their huts. We help provide water cans or jugs to carry water they fetch from the streams or any water body and small water tanks to store fetched water. We provide holidays assistance to celebrate life, and many more.

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